About us

Our story is very simply, it began when we came across a difficult and rather tricky pickle where one of our close friends had a baby boy, and us being totally unaware of baby gift etiquette decided to shop around in our local gift stores
and spent countless hours (totally exaggerating) trying to decide what would a baby boy like hmmm.. and there comes an angel in the hour or need, a total stranger mom in the same store who help us pick an in fashion and in style gift.
We couldn't be more thankful to that Mom. "Mom in need is a Mom indeed"
Fast forward to 5 few months later: Jaddy and I (Moe) created "The Baby Gift Mart" with one goal: to build a platform where up to the minute with hundreds of trending baby gifts and quality products can be easily browsed and ordered and no one has to leave home. It not only gives people a one stop shop, but also shows the so your baby is never behind baby around your town.
Not only did we decide to cover our Baby Army but Mama and Papa Bear, and their friends and families. With great business, comes great responsibility. We take pride in providing our customers the best quality and excellent value and second-to non customer service; we want to offer products and experiences that create lasting memories and can be treasured for years to come.